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You have read briefly about our Dividend Trader service which focuses on the best dividend paying stocks. Now, we want you to know the details about our expert-level trading service designed specifically to allow you to profit from dividend paying stocks.

Once you become a member you can expect to receive REAL-TIME TRADING ALERTS on quality dividend paying stocks to trade for short-term gains (or invest in for the long-term).

Our alerts will tell you the exact BUY price. Of course, we will tell you the stock name and the ticker symbol. We will also provide quick links to the dividend history of the company. Many of these companies raise their dividend every year. Year after year!

Our Dividend Trader service focuses solely on the "best of the best" dividend paying stocks. We trade these stocks for short-term gains.

With these trades we attempt to get in and out quickly. Once we buy, we immediately set an exit point 3% above the buy price. We have had great success with this strategy in the past.

In fact, we've closed 99.5% winning trades on our Trade Table during the period 2006 through 2016. Yeah, read that again. It's the best winning track record for a trading service we know of. Further, we just buy and then sell. There are no "averaging down" or turning the play into a covered call or some other "trick" to make the performance record appear better than it is. We buy. We sell. Stocks only.

While we titled this service a "trader" service, we also invest in these dividend-paying stocks from time to time for the long-term. We will buy these stocks for their powerful dividend producing income with a purpose to make capital gains as the stock increases in value.

Many of the stocks that we will be "investing" in have had a history of raising their dividends almost every year. Year after year. This can be powerful. Building up your dividend income in a tax deferred account such as an IRA can siginficantly boost your account over the years.

The secret is the volatility that these stocks have in the weeks prior to the and after the date they go "ex-dividend". The expertise is knowing when to buy and when to sell. And we provide you with all the details with exacting precision so that you have the opportunity to proft on these trades.

Online Investment Services, LP (owners is proud to be presenting this service to the general trading public.

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