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Bill Kraft
Bill Kraft
Bill Kraft, Editor

If you are seriously interested in working to improve your trading, then Bill Kraft ... trader, Newsletter author, and best-selling author of "Trade Your Way to Wealth" ... is available on a very limited basis to help you work toward your goals.

  • Fine tune your trading business plan
  • Study techniques to get an edge in your trading
  • Work to master your emotions
  • Select strategies that are a fit with your trading personality
  • Learn secrets to successful trading
  • Explore the keys to managing your trading money
  • Examine risk and certain risk reduction techniques
  • Overcome common mistakes
  • Work one on one with Bill in intensive sessions designed to fit you, personally

    The recommended 2 day session at Bill's location in Colorado, Arizona, or Kauai is $5,000. A single day session is $3,000. Travel, lodging, meals and expenses are your responsibility. In the event you would like Bill to travel to your location, there is an additional $1,000 charge plus the costs of his travel, lodging, meals and expenses.

    To schedule a coaching session, call 303-838-8019. This number is for scheduling sessions only and is not a line to seek any personal investment advice.


    Bill Kraft